Friday, July 06, 2007

A very random South Dakota photo....This was such a strange thing to see standing up in the prairie....haven't a clue what all the other strange "art" was about either.
Here is a South Dakota farm....a few clumps of trees...a nice big red barn and corn growing!
We made it to Minnesota to visit our friends Dave and Doris from his mom's place in Norcross, Minnesota.....population 59!
And here we are parked across from her place with a special corn field view...which was way more than knee high (hmmm, and it was the 4th of July as well!) It was as tall as me!
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cindykmaldo said...

I enjoy reading your blog and following your adventures! Thank you for sharing.
I saw the picture of your rig and my jaw dropped! What a rig...I had no idea.
You make Minnesota look so inviting! It's beautiful! I keep in mind, however, that they can receive an average of 6 feet of snow in some areas and the humidity in the summer would crush me. My family is from the Upper Penninsula of Michigan and I thank God often that my parents moved us out of there when I was young.
It's such beautiful country, a great place to visit, but I'm thankful to live in Washington!
Thank you for sharing your stories.