Friday, July 06, 2007

What a special treat to be with our friends from British Columbia when we visited Minnesota. Doris and I kept saying, "We're together in Minnesota...How awesome is that!" And...we do have to report that once again...Girls Rule!!! We played three joyous games of double deck pinochle in the two days we were with them and the girls won best two out of three!! It was such a great time...well at least for the girls! (pat hands!)
After we had dinner with Dave and Doris in the town of Fergus Falls....we took in a bit of site seeing....this was a lovely lake scene.
At a zooming 60 mph from the opposite side of the car seat, I snapped this photo of a little white country church.
I know this isn't the best photo but it shows the great time we had for breakfast for Doris' birthday on July 4th. I made Calgary Stampede pancakes and dressed Doris up for the celebration!!!
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