Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Teton mountain range towers in a deep blue Wyoming sky. Good thing I took it this day for two days later it was so filled with smoke that the sky and the mountains were a brownish gray! (approx 70 miles away from the fire)
It is difficult each year to leave Debi and Randy's! There is always the hugs and good-byes, the choked, "I love you" and then off we go leaving them to stand and wave and already anticipating next year's "house adventure." Stocked up with a freezer full of Wyoming trout and elk we wave back and forth to each other. They stand there for as long as it takes for us to get down the gravel road and onto the main highway and head down the road. ...just as I croon my neck to see them for the last seconds, I can see them walking to the house. And then the road before us beckons and calls us to our next destination. Keep our spot open at the Tollison's RV park there! God willing, we'll be back next year!!
A beaver lodge pokes its head out from a small pond in the Eastern Wyoming hills as we make our way to Douglas, WY...our next stop.
Red, red, red, rock! I love the color combo of the green grass, the blue tinged sage and the glorious hues of the red rock pushing up to the sky!
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