Sunday, July 01, 2007

Only in the state of Wyoming would a disclaimer be made on an entrance sign....I love it!
And here it is the Ayres Natural Bridge. Now I found out that it can only be called a natural bridge if it has natural water running under it. Any other would be an arch....We were told by our friends Dave and Joanie that this is one of five natural bridges...It was indeed quite lovely! Many pioneers and early settlers journaled about seeing this beauty and there was a great plaque sharing historical comments about it.
This is the LaPrele Creek as it meaners along just before a water head gate controlling the water for irrigation purposes. Once again that incredible red rock....It was just the most lovely little park with lots of green grass and trees...and picnic tables with NO graffitti on them!!!
Here we are with our RV buddies Dave and Joanie who we met at a Boondockers rally in Feb. We stopped by on our way to South Dakota to visit them overnight. There is free camping in the city park in Douglas, WY...right by the North Platte River with restrooms and clean showers as well! We enjoyed a great visit and a lovely chat with them. They took us to the natural bridge and Esterbrook...It was great to have such competent guides to a lovely area! Thanks Dave and Joanie.
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