Monday, July 23, 2007

Here we are with my cousin, Ron, and his wife, Diane. It has been great to get to see them again and to be in Camden, Indiana on such a special occasion....the town's 175th anniversary celebration! The person who was to take pictures backed out at the last moment so I was glad to grab my camera and head out to capture all of the flavor of this small town USA's celebration. 175 pictures later...history has been cuaght in digital photos! The CD of the pics I took will go in a time capsule along with the other memorbilia of the weekend. I'll try to give you a bit of the flavor of it all in these next pics.
The highlight of Saturday was the "horse pull" Thes gentle giants, a team of Percherons owned by Bob Milner from Prairie Creek, IN pulled the heaviest load of 8,000 pounds a distance of 19.3 feet. There were four teams altogether, the other teams being Belgians. But...these two Charlie and Buck stole my heart! What an amazing set of horse flesh!!!
This is my Aunt Twylia, my dad's sister. She has lived here in Camden, IN since the late 1940s. We are at the quilt show....oh, and the dress....a friend of mine loaned it to me for these festivities...but I am certainly glad we don't have to wear all of this stuff anymore. I couldn't wait to get into my shorts and t-shirt!
The weekend started off by community leaders gathering at this lovely backyard to put together 50 bouquets of flowers for centerpieces for the luncheon to be held in the old school cafeteria. Patty Hylton if you read this....thanks again for teaching me how to put together bouquets! It was great fun to step into this time and place and lend a helping hand.
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