Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We drove up a steep hill to attempt to drive down a road that was on the top of the ridge far across from the forest fire so we could get a good picture but the road had been closed.....with logs and an official sign. Randy wasn't too thrilled as this is his favorite hunting road. So we took the road down the hill and he pulled over and said..."Here's the place where the water comes out of the side of the mountain." And indeed it di....right out of the mountain itself....this incredible flowing creek..not a little stream but huge volumes of water.
Randy took Debi's camera down to see where it came out..and found that they had put a culvert in the side of the mountain where this water flowed from out of the mountain. It was incredibly steep but quite lovely with only a few dozen mosquitoes!
Our short evening drive to see the mountain turned into a long mountain adventure. This is one of the views we had of the long sweeping vistas of the Wyoming countryside...although the air is not Wyoming blue filled with all that smoke!!!
One of the treasures that we saw....an antelop with triplets...running flat out across the grassy plain.
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