Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One of the things I wanted to see most on this trip to Wyoming was baby antelope. And, if you look very closely by this antelope you will see her twins! She was very fearful of us..and in the next instant took them into the taller sage brush so they were well hidden.
Too cool....a sage grouse! We saw several and also some other neat birds that I didn't get pics of...sand hill cranes and I think some kind of a piper with the longest beaks I've ever seen except on a pelican.
This is the forest fire that has burned over 1200 acres. They are not calling in a special group of fire fighters as it has gotten out of the scope of the local firefighters here. The volumes of smoke that it gave off were amazing...and 15 miles away at Debi and Randy's we had falling ash...and quite a bit of smoke in the afternoon. Down below you can ssee a lovely house....this area was dotted with these beautiful homes and lodges......until we saw....
Wow...with all the lovely homes around this area..we did not expect to see this "interesting" house. It was about 8x10..but a two story and with stairs leading to a plywood door. Oh, and don't forget it had a nice window on the second floor. There was a good sized tent next to it and a "for sale" sign by the road.
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