Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I just had to take this picture of this cute calf with such a whimsical face. He sure cooperated as the truck stopped and I adjusted my camera! I got him just before he scrunched up and bucked and took off with his tail held high running to find his mama!
A specatacular stand of quaking aspens in the Wyoming evening light of pre-dusk.
Oh, these red flowers are just SO red and make for such lovely splotches of color along the road we traveled last night.
The call to Randy, the driver, is STOP! Then he conveniently stops the truck while I get out and take pictures of wild flowers...all the time inside the truck he and Steve talk about how they should leave me here to walk home and Debi, being the great friend she is, defends my honor and also my mudding of sheetrocking skills....telling Randy don't leave her here she'll sabatoge your sheetrock! At any rate, I had a fun time looking at the wildflowers and thought this particular grouping another touch of the Master's Hand.
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