Thursday, May 17, 2007

On Mother's Day, we went to Magic Mountain...our family and also Lisa's family. We had a great time. Steve stayed with pregnant Lisa and enjoyed the Bugs Bunny World with Reed. Me, LOL, on the other hand, rode four straight big roller coasters with Karen and Ray! One thing I noticed was there wasn't too many gray haired middle aged Grandmas riding them!
Here are "the boys" out for a 4 wheel drive!
My one request for the day was to ride the carousel!
Now, this is one handsome guy!!! (of course Moms are always partial!) Ray will be taking his test for placement in Dental school mid-July....another doctor on the way!!! :)
As you can see Reed is really brave at lifting his arms! LOL Boy, did he like this ride! He was brave and did it all by himself at the end of the day.
Nothing like a late afternoon nap on Grandpa's lap, what part Reed still fits on! LOL Click here

to see Reed's 3rd year birthday party pictures. They are sure fun!!! And so is he!!

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McMahon Manifesto said...

Wonderful pictures, Nancy! I had a laugh just imagining you on that roller coaster! Good for you. I loved the birthday pics of Reed and Mr. Potato Head sure brings back memories! He is timeless.