Friday, May 25, 2007

Wow...what a special lunch I had on Wednesday. These are some of the wonderful online chatters from The afternoon was spent sharing about ourselves and our Lord in our life. They are inspiring, fun to be with ladies. I am blessed to call them sisters in the Lord!
OK, Doris. I felt just like you with your girls as Karen and I tackled this project...and I mean tackled...all over her new living room and dining room as well! This free purple and white checked sectional was beyond hideousin purple and white checks. So..being the creative one that Karen is and with her adept "nip and tuck" surgery skills we went to work using bedspreads to recover these hideous couches! The effect is dramatic. And the fun we have had..oh my I have not laughed this hard in years!
Reed enjoys sliding down a big slide at the playground just a short walk from our RV site in Riverside. What a beautiful setting this is!
Lisa and Reed stroll along the lakeshore just at sunset.
Last night was really a special time for Steve and I. We got to visit with our dear friends, Gil and Susan. You know God

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Beck's Bulletin said...

Love all the pictures...and I am sooooo jealous about your time with the cwt ladies! Some day I am just going to have to come to CA and visit with y'all at the same time! ;-)