Monday, May 07, 2007

We got to visit Ray and Lisa and Reed and "not yet arrived baby O'Bosky" this past week in Santa Cruz. While we were there we got to take Reed to Neary Lagoon park. Let me tell you Reed can zoom now and boy does he love this place! Here he shows us all the pictures of the birds and the displays and then is off in an instant!
There is a long boardwalk across the lagoon and we saw a pair of ducks and a great blue heron as well as some songbirds. It was such a lovely scene!
Here Reed watches the pair of ducks as they follow us along.
Pa and Reed and Duke rest in the shade. The little guy was sure glad to see Pa and Duke! As he and Ray came up the hill to where we stayed at the Elks lodge little Reed yelled, "There is is...Pa's house!" as he pointed at Pete and Pete's Draggin.
Grandma got to do lots of hugging and playing. Here we take a break from going down the slides and climbing on the playground equipment. We had lots of fun!!

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