Sunday, December 10, 2006

This is a view of the persimmon tree full of brightly persimmon-colored fruit. LOL
Oh, we were blessed with rain last night! No more dust! Here you see our "lake" view property and the truck, Pete, under our shed. The Draggin (RV) is parked in front of the truck.
Ah, thought you all might like to see the old faithful of lemon trees. It is about a half century old, half of it fell a few years ago and it has a good dose of heart rot..but just look at this crop of lemons. I will be taking quite a few to share out to the desert.
A close-up of a rain-kissed lemon!

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bird said...

a wise friend suggested
i do need to spread my wings
venture out and see the world
'smell the roses' and yes...
even 'perch' and bask in the beauty of a lemon tree....

Hmmmm....lemons REALLY do grow on trees...another grocery store mystery unravels...smiles

tweets in song in inspiration of reading your blog,