Saturday, December 16, 2006

We got out all the Christmas things today. And Reed just loved the Santa hat and Duke's reindeer antlers and his jingle bells. See that bugle by Reed's leg? You should hear him blow it! He's pretty good!
OK...this funny picture was actually taken by Reed!!! I gave him the camera as he sat on the couch and told him to push the button and he managed to almost get all of me and Duke in the picture! LOL
Wow! Let me tell you it is a challenge to get both boy and dog to look at you at the same time! This was my best effort...sorry it is a bit blurry...but enjoy the comraderie of Reed and Dukie!


Padraic & Willie said...

Cool xmas pic!!

Beck's Bulletin said...

Great pictures Nancy! And a very Merry Christmas to you and Steve! I told Jody when I was in Texas that you planning on visiting them next fall and she was very excited! They have lots of room for you to be sure!