Friday, December 08, 2006

LOL, This is quite a new look for Steve! Lisa had this wig in a box she was sorting and everyone took a turn trying it on and laughing. I just happened to grab the camera when Steve's turn for modeling came around. Hmmm, I think I rather like his normal look better!
We were so blessed to see Karen another time this past week. She zoomed by on her way for yet another interview for surgery residency. But...not before she had time to play with Reed and do some dancing and singing with him. Here, you can see Reed is quite involved with observing the details of Karen's mouth. Maybe we have a budding dentist here in him! Please do continue to hold Karen in your prayers this next month as she travels to more than a dozen interviews in 8 states and in her "spare" time will continue to be on rotation at the hospital! Thanks!

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