Friday, September 05, 2008

Sierra Nevada Mountains and The Point

DSCN1903 Elevation 8500 feet is Buck Rock Lookout.  This is about a mile above where we camp at the Point...oh yes, a mile, and a trail and 172 stairs!

DSCN1887 It's up all the these are the "not so steep" stairs!


DSCN1889 But the view from there is stupendous on a clear day!

DSCN1895 The lookout volunteers even take care of the hummingbirds....carrying up their food from the bottom and sharing the view with them!

DSCN1897 Wow!  I actually got in a picture!  Thanks Pennie for taking this one of me and the high back country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


DSCN1900Wildlife alert!  Here is a marmot sitting on a big rock just downhill from the lookout.


DSCN1906  All hands to the fire pit as it takes three of us to get out Pennie's delicious Dutch oven pizza!


DSCN1910Ah, what a way to begin the day...remembering His mercies are new and fresh for us each morning!  Great is His steadfast love!  Great IS His faithfulness...morning by morning new mercies I see.   All that I needeth His hand has provided...Great is His faithfulness, mercy and love!   My favorite time and my favorite place... I was the only one up to see this gorgeous sunrise, 

DSCN1914 Our wonderful stay at The Point was highlighted by viewing God's amazing creation of the universe through Dr. John's and Beth's telescope.  What a special thing to clusters, galaxies, double stars, star globules!

DSCN1883 The trees were so happy this year as it has rained in the back country here several times.  I simply love looking at the branches of the Douglas Fir trees...So beautiful!

DSCN1885 This was our "maiden" voyage in our "new to us" old RV.  We are calling it The know...Peter(r) and The Wolf! 

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karin said...

Gorgeous shots Nancy! Don't know about those stairs, lol. I love your happy trees and the sunrise! And the Chatter's luncheon - what a cool idea. Be safe and in HIS care.