Friday, September 05, 2008

Chatter's Luncheon

DSCN1956 Can you believe this?  It's so incredible how you can know someone and never have met them in person....this is Beams all the way from New Zealand on her way to UK by the way of Washington state and Canada next week!  It was a privilege indeed to meet my sister in the Lord after talking so very many times in the chat room at

DSCN1974 This wonderful gathering of chatters was hosted by linda.  (I am going to be in so much trouble when she sees how I gave her some bunny ears!)  The house and yard were lovely, the food delicious and such comfortable surroundings, my shoes couldn't help but want to come off! Thanks linda, you are the best!

DSCN1960Here are Tee, Sonett and beams.  Sonett cried tears of joy only moments earlier to finally meet her online friend, Tee.  Now she is all smiles! Sonett will host Tee and her family for a few days near San Diego before Tee heads back toward West Virginia with her family.

DSCN1965 Tee smiles as her daughter, the Queen (Brittany) is so excited to see us all.  Tee's mom and dad accompanied them from West Virginia...across the USA, through Gustav and its refugees all the way to the Inland Empire in Southern California in four days! DSCN1972 Beams and Tee have a hug.  More than halfway around the world they came to meet each other and yet so connected because of their belief and faith in Jesus and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that binds believers together.DSCN1980 So, here's the shoe story! LOL  For those of you who don't know, Tee's "signature" is her six inch heels that she wears everywhere!  mrk, on the left, just arrived bringing Tee her "California footwear" bedazzled flip flops!

DSCN1984  And last, but not least, Tye attended the get together as well, from a special request from beams..that she would get to meet him.  He was such a gentleman and thoroughly enjoyed romping in linda's back yard.  

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