Saturday, April 19, 2008

We've had a great day with our new pup! He has definitely learned to follow me everywhere! He has successfully gone potty in his potty place every time! We are crate training him and he'll sure be glad to have a bigger crate come tomorrow when we visit PetSmart.
He has actually played like a puppy this afternoon with a teddy bear, a little dog pillow, a nd two chew toys. Here his is just out like a light! He was playing one minute and out the next!
Oh...such sleepy eyes! His eyes aren't the normal brown...they are slate grayish green. I don't know if they will change color or not. This guy still has no name!!! We're bantering about....Scamp, Petey, Buck or Bucky, Rex, Hawk (that was Reed's suggestion LOL!) , Sam, D.J. (for Duke Jr.) , Rocky and Chip. Do comment if you like one of these. King and Bandit are out as we have had dogs of that name in the past. Thanks for your help!
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Anonymous said...

Congradulations Nancy, he sure is cute. How about Teddy? lol.. sure has a cute face. Is he the same bread as Duke was? Hugs to you both, Bobbi

Nora said...

Looks like a Dexter to me. :>) - Looking forward to meeting him.