Friday, April 18, 2008

Here is the new member of our family! This afternoon we went over the mountain to see a litter of nine puppies. This little guy caught our eye and stole our heart! The ride home was great even though over an hour, with very little whimpering and he slept the last 20 minutes. As of now, he doesn't have a name! Any suggestions? Do send a comment! He is just eight weeks old, born Feb. 21. We met both the mom and dad and they very sweet and well mannered, gentle dogs. He is a Queensland McNab cross.
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Beck's Bulletin said...

So glad to see the newest member of your family! I am thrilled...have been so sad about you not getting Happy so maybe this pup needs to be named after one of the Dwarfs too.....

Irela said...

Hi Nancy, Keith & Caitlin are here. Keith says you should call him Charles as he looks like a businessman. Caitlin suggested Clark for Clark Kent.
We are experiencing a snow storm.
Love you guys. Irela