Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Look closely! That is an insect!!! A walking stick! It was on the rim of our RV and just wanted to go for a ride. I said, "No!" and redirected it! LOL
We are parked here in Oklahoma waiting for my brother and sister in law to arrive. It was a very nice setting but I can't tell you how many crickets I saw that afternoon! There were full hook-ups out back but we decided not to use them as all the wiring and circuit breaker boxes were full of crickets!!
Here is my busy hubby. I dropped my computer a few weeks ago and completely severed the conection and so we bought a new one. Here he is talking on both phones to Dell about the shipment of it.
Duke the Wonderdog! To all the blog readers...we have to share with you that our precious Duke has lymphoma cancer. It was quite a shock..and to know that it is quite quick acting, usually 30 days to live after diagnosis. After traveling from Oklahoma to Tucson, AZ to see an oncology vet, we have begun treatement with oral chemo drugs. He is now in his third week...they have reduced the size of them but they have not gone down to normal but we continue to treat him. Our hope is to get him back to see the kids and grandkids. We have cried buckets of tears...He is, as most of you know, one incredibly special dog!
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