Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Duke felt good enough today to go for an ATV ride! Sandy and I loaded up his bed and put up his ramp and aways we went!
He still had his happy smile a few miles later after we had gone over some rough roads. We turned around and headed back to the wash and finished our trip on smoother ground.
Wow! Incredible desert beauty! The blossoms on this plant looked just like mini feather dusters! Not sure what it was but down in the wash, this plant got plenty of water this summer during the monsoons that passed through Arizona.
Ran through the bushes..and we ran through the brambles..and the mesquite and ironwood...whew! Duke got covered with leaves and sticks..and so did Sandy and I!
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McMahon Manifesto said...

Crying tears along with you for Duke. He is a special dog! He looks so much thinner even just since September. It looks like he enjoyed his ATV ride and he has such a sweet look on his face in this one picture.