Friday, August 31, 2007

This is the John Alden House...He was my 12Ggrandfather, and one of the original Mayflower group that landed in Plymouth, MA in 1620. He was the only one of the crew to stay behind and was a cooper (barrel maker) He married Priscilla Alden in 1623 and moved 12 miles north of Plymouth in 1627 and built a house not far from this one.
This house was built by his son, Jonathan Alden. It is said that John Alden did pass away in this house. There have been Aldens on this property since then!
Pretty neat!
This appears now to be the back of the house but is really the front of the house. It faces the river along which was the original road. There is much history about the house over the years but none of the original artifacts remian except for those which were dug up from the original foundation when it was discovered in the 1960s.
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cindykmaldo said...

What a heritage you have! On the plaque it says,
“…many people yearn for the stability and consolation that only strong ties to family and locality can generate.”
How true. In our varied society wouldn't it be great to see those yearnings satisfied in the family of God. Do you think that's possible?