Friday, August 31, 2007

Strange picture isn't it? This is the map of the battle of Gettysburg. The electronic show depicts in lights where the battle lines were drawn and helps to tell the story of the battle of Gettysburg where 51, 000 Americans died in three days!! We stopped for a short time on our way to Virginia to see the electronic map and take a look at the Visitor's Center.
We were on our way to Virginia to do some visiting!! Here we are with Brent, who we were host parents for for 10 years while he was with a Christian music group in California. We had not met his mom or dad so this was really a special time!! We went to an early dinner and had a lovely time in the crazy roads of Virginia!
It was really good to see Brent again. He called our place "home" every three to four months for a break for quite a number of years.
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