Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I know this a strange blog picture but this sure tickled me! Hope you get it!
Beautiful Lake Michigan on a lovely sunny afternoon! We boondocked by the side of Hwy 2...asked permission from the closest house several hundred yards away. I love the ladies response when we drove up and Steve got out to talk to them..."I see you're bringing me my new camper!" as she waved to Pete and Pete's Draggin (p.s. for all the Westerners who read this blog...when you get on the east side of the Rockies...it seems all RVs are called campers!)
A lovely wildflower....they were all along Hwy 2
Our first glimpse of Mackinaw Bridge which is the about 4 mile bridge that spans the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the "Mitten" of Michigan. Ok...LOL...get this. I checked the current condition for crossing the bridge this morning online and it said...Tuesday July 10 9:40 am blowing snow warning! Where they ever got that I'll never know!!! As you can see nary a cloud above the bridge!
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