Friday, July 20, 2007

A happy Indiana hog! There are few people who raise hogs free range...allowing them access to the field and green grass. My cousin's wife's family has done this for years.
Wow...look at them beans! Diane, my cousin's wife, grew them in her garden here and her mom will be canning them. We took them over to her in the morning and had a look at the farm. You know my family knows what I love...there was fresh corn and green beans waiting for us when we arrrived here on Wednesday afternoon!
Here is the view from Diane's mom's window...truly Hog Heaven for them as they are allowed free roam. The other much more popular option is confinement where the hogs their entire life never touch the ground.
This cute sow sure was talking to me with all kinds of grunts! She thought I might have brought something out for the kitchen for her!
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