Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yesterday was really warm here in in the morning Debi, Randy and I headed out for a 25 mile quad ride before we started working on the house.
Here's Debi on the left just heading "down the drift." Now, the drift is a pretty amazing thing. It is where the cattle are either driven or walk by themselves in the summer to better pasture land up in the hills. Each fall the cattle come back down from the hills on these drifts. On the drift on the other side.....the cattle all gather in the fall and the ranchers come with horses and trailers and separate them by brand and take them away!!!!
This is the old Warren Bridge...and in these "neck of the woods" the old Warren bridge is a landmark for many things. "Yep, they killed a bear down by Warren Bridge!" The main highway is off to the left and it is closed to trucks and cars.
As you can see...Warren Bridge is also the access for a huge public fishing is up this road we will go about 11 miles or so.
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