Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wow, it was SO neat to see the drywall up on the ceilings! We are in Wyoming near Daniel where our dear friends from high school days and years beyond are building their house. This is our 5th trip to help in any way we can. Steve is working on Debi's computer and BBQing great wild game for dinner and I am busy helping with the sheetrock.
Here Randy and Debi lift up a piece of sheetrock to put on the wall of the laundry room. The strangest thing is to see all of the open walls...to be covered with sheetrock giving the rooms their true form.
The sheetrock is really heavy! This is moisture and mold resistant and we wear gloves and long sleeves as there are fiberglass fibers on it because it is "paperless." Randy has all the neat gadgets....a rocker bar to lift the sheetrock, a zip saw and a sheetrock lift, and cool magnets that help find the holes where the electric plugs are that need to be sawn out. The one thing that no one has really come up with to help out the process is securing the sheetrock to the wall.....and
that is precisely where I come in! LOL. I sit on the handy dandy rolling stool and do the bottom ones....and Debi does the ones above me. Then we each get on ladder and stools to do the top piece of sheetrock and rest a bit until it is time to put up another one. Sunday night after this room, my arms were like jello and I was so tired! LOL But I haven't had as much fun since last year's staining of all the siding for their house and painting on the chinking....This job is out of the cold wind, and doesn't smell! So, if I don't post for a few days...you'll know there is nothing new but more sheetrock! LOL I'm hoping for a reward of fresh Wyoming trout for Friday as Randy and Ryan and Steve will go to the mountains and they will drop Steve off at Dollar Lake while they go cut firewood. Until then, I'll keep on drillin' in and screwin' up....on the sheetrock that is!
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