Monday, June 11, 2007

White Mountain in the distance. Such long vistas...wide open spaces...I mean really wide open..for the first 140 miles this morning we only saw 17 cars!
Wow! Real wild mustangs...still at home on the range. From seeing what they are living is easy to understand why the BLM continues to round them up yearly as there would be far too many for the amount of vegetation available.
Heading down a canyon. Today we saw such varied country...sage, junipers, quaking aspens, rocks of all different colors, high mountains, deep canyons, winding roads with dips and cattle guards.
About four this afternoon we spotted a huge open area off the road and pulled in. It was in the middle of nowhere (the best kind) with only a maintenance yard off in the distance. So...this gorgeous veiw out our dining room and living room home for tonight!
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