Monday, June 11, 2007

This is "Preacher" Dr. Gilbert H. McMurray...who has been sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others for over 60 years. We "happened" to park next to them in the place where they park each year. I saw they had caught some fish so had to go see....and in a few minutes we were sharing like crazy! LOL . We enjoyed their campfire and we traded a fish for Corky for a jar of pomegranate jelly. That jelly almost had Gilbert in tears! On Sunday we had a church service for the 4 of us including him playing his keyboard and the two of them singing a great gospel song called Over in Glory. Sunday night they enjoyed a visit with us and we got to hear many more of his stories of being the preacher man through the years. It was definitely a blessing for all of us to meet each other.
Here we are in front of the truck as we left today. Sorry about the shadowed light...
We headed across the Nevada desert today with some great sites! Here is an oasis at the bottom of the hill....Benton Springs and a ranch with a pond just on the ourskirts of this little town...very little 184 people!
As you can see from the sign on this old building.....Benton Hot Springs has been around a long time!
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