Friday, June 01, 2007

We are parked near Riverside, California at just the most beautiful setting. This is Rancho Jurupa County Park where there is open spaces and a serene little lake. It is very quiet here...even on Memorial Day weekend with all the was nice. We had to move spaces today as we liked it here so much we decided to spend another week here as the price was right! This allowed us to go and visit our long time friends, Gil and Susan Jimenez.
And here they are with us!!! We met Gil and Susan and AJ (we always knew him as Gilby) as near as we can figure 22 years ago at a Bass Lake campground. It was a divine appointment and we enjoyed their company so much that we invited them to our place for a visit. They took us up on the offer...just for lunch...and stayed for three days!! That was when our kids were 6,4, and 2. Years later, Gil finished up his credential at Fresno State and lived with us in our RV out back and then he and Susan lived in our area for a number of years while their youngest son, James was little. It was so great to see them again after the years and distance had separated us...with our busy lives.
Here are James, now 14 and AJ now almost 24.
Gil has a good time showing Steve some of the local sights near Fallbrook.
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