Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Here are our first glimpse of the Sierra Nevada Mountains from the east side! I have lived all my life on the other side of this incredible mountain range. LOL..but looking at them...I long for the Wind River Range in Wyoming and the Rockies of Alberta!'s north we trek! This week we will be touring the east side of the Sierras with our friends Ed and Corky.
Today after visiting the nearby museum in Ridgecrest we took a ride up to the Wild horse and burro facility. The burros had the longest ears!!! They were really cute!
This little one was shaggier than the rest...He reminded me of an old prospector's burro.
Wide open spaces...a view of the mountains...a sunny breezy afternoon here at Coso Junction...our stop for tonight as we wait for Ed and Corky to arrive.
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