Saturday, June 09, 2007

This is what Corky had been waiting two years to show us! Rock Creek Lake high in the Eastern Sierras. It is her favorite spot on earth this side of heaven. What a lovely beautiful place!
Here Steve and I and Duke with Rock Creek Lake in the background.
This forever to be known as "Corky's View." This special pine tree holds so many fond memories for her. We were honored and privileged to see it. Although Corky couldn't make it to the top of the hill to see it with us....she described it perfectly and told us that it was indeed her special tree. Later that evening after a lovely day she got altitude sickness and at 9 pm we had to take her to Mammoth Lakes hospital emergency room. She is resting comfortably and has to make the trek today to lower elevation with oxygen. She would tell was worth it to just see this special place again.
We drove to the other side of the lake so the view here looks back at Corky's tree on the side of the rocks across the lake.
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