Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I hope you enjoy reading a bit about the history of the Orgeon Trail....
These were some of the wrought iron replicas that were on top of the sign there...couldn't get it all in the picture at one time...
This trip was to show us the Mesa....where all the oil and natural gas drilling is taking place....Here you can see just some of the signs of the oil rig companies at a fork in the road. There were literally miles and miles of different oil rigs and already completed projects...And...evidently thousands more to be drilled in the future. The influx of "oil riggers" has really changed little Pinedale bringing in more crime and yet more revunue.
Here are just two of the rigs we saw that dot the Mesa..and more even further in the biggest place...The Jonah Field. The derricks come in beginning in May when the ice and snow melts and then they haul them to other fields during winter beginning in November. This is the migratory land where the deer stay through the winter and there is much controversy that the BLM has only interest in oil and natural gas and not preserving enough space for the deer.
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