Friday, February 16, 2007

On Sunday evening we were taken on a private tour of Child's Mountain about 30 minues from Ajo. This was a thank you for our Escapees Boondockers who had volunteered their time on the rock chucking project...and any others in camp who would like to go. We had a great time and the view was simply amazing. Here you see the "golf ball" which is a radar that used to be used during the Cold War. Evidently there was an Air Force Base here in the late 50s and early 60s.
This is the evening view of Ajo in the distance. It was so neat how far we could see and pictures just don't even begin to capture the view.
I took the opportunity of some great late evening light to take up close and personal pics of this little cholla!
And here is the little prickly thing!!
There was a viewpoint on a point of the target range in the distance. Here Steve is talking with Lee and pointing out some of what is shown on the display that they can see in the distance. Here they still do jet practice almost daily, banking and turning and dropping smoke bombs to hit the target.

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