Sunday, February 11, 2007

On Friday, I went with a group of about 20 of the Rvers we are camped with to volunteer at the wildlife refuge. Here they have made a one mile enclosure for a captive breeding program for the Sonoran pronghorn whose number fell to only 18 in 2002 after a drought year. The enclosure was having trouble with erosion in the washes with possible coyotes entering..and so they needed a crew of "rock chuckers!"
And here are some of us...inspecting the possible rocks to "chuck" into the truck and trailer.
This is Joanie and David....some of our newest friends from Wyoming. They are both lots of fun!
We filled the trailer and truck three times with rocks!! And had fun doing it!
And here I am getting ready to "chuck" one of the rocks into the trailer!

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