Monday, February 19, 2007

In 1968, the London Bridge was sold to McCulloch Oil Corporation and the stones arrived here in Lake Havasu City later that year. It took until 1971 to complete the reconstruction. I found it fascinating that the bridge was actually built across the sand and dirt and the actual channel of water was dug after its reconstruction. The bridge is at the base of the peninsula and so the channel cuts a mile through from one side of Lake Havasu to the other.
Here you see the steel reinforced concrete that was under the stones applied to the outside. Each stone was numbered.
Here is the beautfiul channel and the London Bridge on a lovely Arizona afternoon.
The channel is quite narrow and yet is deep enough for the boats to go through to the other side. Evidently this area is quite a draw to folks who come to "boat watch." Both sides have walkways and there are palm trees and beaches...but with lots of rocks!
Around Lake Havasu are many models of different lighthouses. This one is a replica of one from South Carolina.

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