Saturday, January 27, 2007

We took a drive to the end of Plomosa Road where it intersects with the small town of Bouse..pop. 719. This small park is dedicated to Camp Bouse and all of the other top secret WWII training camps that were in the desert. Steve and Ed and Corky look at the momuments erected in honor of those who served with "pride and dignity."
While in Bouse we drove to visit the can see that it has such an airy quality to it!! Here Corky looks at some of the artifacts on display..
This is my friend Cheryl, who is holding a beautiful bird that a man had with him. He asked if she would like to hold it...which she gladly agreed...The bird was more intersted in getting her ice cream somehow than anything. The only thing is...the bird didn't want to go back to him..but would have been glad to become Cheryl's!
I had to share with you this lovely saguaro cactus...that sits so majestically in a wash near where we are camped at Hwy 95 mile marker 98 1/2. It was just the loveliest morning with filtered light from a touch of clouds in the gave this giant such a beautiful light to have his portrait taken!

Wow..had to try to capture some of the look of hundreds and thousands of RVs parked in the desert everywhere. This is a view from Plomosa Rd.

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