Sunday, January 21, 2007

I know this looks like a church but it is just a frame with a small 8x8 area in the center. It is used for weddings and a great photo opp up on the desert mountain top.
Well, all those solar panels need a big bank of batteries like this. I heard so many times this afternoon from guys that they wanted those batteries for their RVs!
See this big tower? It is the only cooling system. Water is pumped on the pads and the cool air flows down creating a draft of nice cool air at the bottom.
The orginal "bar" is seen in the right hand side of the pic here. Ed posed in this picture with the old rock potties and the new tin panel ones! LOL Certainly an interesting place!
Today we took a "field trip" with the Solos to the Desert Bar. It is a bar...only open on the weekends in the middle of the desert with no electricity. This picture shows all the solar panels that actually power the bar below. There is much open air seating. It is a place for folks to come and enjoy an afternoon of music and conversation. I didn't see much drinking going on today as it was so cold and windy! LOL

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