Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sandy and I decided to make our way to the highest point of Dome Rock. We are on our way in her Rhino as this picture was taken. Dome Rock looms on the horizon!
Sandy and I and Duke made it up as far as we could! If you look closely you can see RVs in the distance below and in the far distance you can see traffic on I-10.
Here is our "circle" of RVs. Pete's Draggin' is on the other side of these out of sight in this photo.
Hmmm, what'sthis you say? It is actually a picture of the designs the dust made on the console of the Rhino...dust plus engine jiglling = artistic designs!
Ok...thank you to Danielle and Linda for responding to the query about what clogged up the needle valve on the BBQ. Here is it...the culprit....a small yellow spider. He had evidently called that tube home...but the propane did him in...and then he made a very good plug to the volume of propane going through the needle valve. Thanks Danielle and hats off to you for your responses!

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Danielle said...

Where's my prize??


A SPIDER, you have got to be kidding me ...
hahahahaha awsome!