Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring, Garden Tour and Metal Art!

101_9985 Oh happy spring!  I just have to add this one!


101_9988 Poppies cover the hillside!


102_0003 Here is our "uphill" church!


102_0005 Baby blue eyes sparkle in the sun!


102_0045 Amazing...metal art!


102_0040 LOL, I told you we lived in the hills! 


102_0047 Probably at least a mile of this kind of fence greeted us at the Metcalf Ranch.

102_0051 Here is the artist of all this metal art....  Lyell Metcalf


102_0052 No kidding...this is Lyell's outdoor shower!


102_0057 Another Metcalf original creation!

102_0060 Thanks for the great delight of seeing "patina" at its best!

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