Friday, April 10, 2009

101_9981I'm long overdue in getting these pics on the blog!  On Friday, March 27th I was blessed to have Redsmom from the chat room join me for a whirlwind two days!  We had SO much fun!


 102_0002 Here you see Redsmom as she sees snow for the first time in her life!  How fun to be there to see her amazed at how cold it felt and see her eyes light up when she saw it so white.  God was gracious and kept all this snow safe and sound for her almost a week in Icebox Canyon.

102_0043 On Saturday we took the day to tour the Squaw Valley Garden Tour.  It was so beautiful.  This place had flowers and the most amazing metal work I've ever seen. 



102_0007 Redsmom could not believe our acorn filled pine tree compliments of the woodpeckers.  Here she points at all the thousands of acorns poked in the millions of holes they have pecked in this tall pine tree up on our mountain.  Thanks for coming Redsmom!  Come again soon!

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