Monday, February 09, 2009

On the Rhodes again...our friends Glen and Irela head out.

101_9900 Glen and Irela headed out a day before we did.  This year they had a new to them rig...and are hopeful to make it up the mountain by themselves to see us!  Last year Steve drove down Pete and hauled up their bigger heavier trailer.

101_9901 Tye says good-bye.  He thought Glen was the best!  Each day Glen would take him for a bike ride...Well actually Glen rode and Tye ran!





101_9903 Hmmm, Grandma here said she needed a grandkid "fix" but Grandpa sure looks like he's enjoying himself.  Gotta love the sheets hangin' over the windows.  That's the way we keep warm in the cold mountain air along with hay bales around the bottom of the rig.

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