Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grand Delight!

101_9679 Now, I'm thinkin' this is one awesome picture!  Yippee!  Thanks to some dear friends who gave me their old camera when mine broke, I am now back in the picture taking business! Reed looks out the window at morning!  "The sun is up!" he says!


101_9682 It is so much fun watching Tye and the kids play.  He loves them and they love him as this picture shows. 


101_9662 Spaghetti at Grandma's!  Yum!


101_9666 It is so fun to slurp up spaghetti and then giggle!


101_9670 Reed does some Kung Fu Panda moves after filling his tummy with spaghetti. 


101_9672 Jaden lays next to Tye.


101_9673 Now he gets a kiss from her.


101_9675 Tye and Jaden explore down by the creek.  I have a bird's-eye view of them from the RV.

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