Monday, December 08, 2008

Death Valley Views

100_9613 Death Valley in the late afternoon sun...after the stormy morning.


100_9610 Yes, that is snow on the top of the mountains!!!


100_9616 The colors are so vibrant after a storm....and such contrast between Death Valley floor and the top of the mountains thousands of miles high!


100_9627 The afternoon sun shines through the clouds and lights up the mountain tops.


100_9644 On our way home we visited the Boron Museum.  One of the greatest things we saw was the 20 mule team complete with harnesses and wagons.  Of course the mules were not real!  But they were complete with bells on the lead mules and one horse at the back of the mule teams.


100_9647 I looks a bit unimpressive!  But here is The Wolf...our home away from our home on wheels!  Our wheels are still turning with The Wolf in tow.  I can legally drive it...if Steve will let me get behind the wheel!

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Beams said...

Love those photos of the mountains in the sun Nancy. And the spare tyre you carry with you behind the