Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Red Letter Day! No more baby teeth!

DSCN0586 Hip Hip Hooray!  No more sharp razor baby teeth for Tye!  He now has official canine choppers!  Delaney captured this great shot of him.  He has sure been busy taking care of the six kids we've had here the past two days. 


DSCN0581  Tail up and head down Tye always has his nose ready! If he didn't display so many Queensland characteristics, I'd swear he was a bird dog!DSCN0604 As we took a walk in the circle meadow, Evie, Payton and Maddy inspect the spiny gooseberries.  We cut one open and we sure wonder how anyone gets enough "filling" out of them to make a pie.  They were mostly seeds inside!

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