Friday, June 06, 2008

Mountain Flowers!

100_2010A few weeks back this gorgeous yellow flower began cascading down the mountains on our drive down the hill . (which we have made many times lately!) It only grew at a certain elevation and direction.  I must say it was a stunning drapery of yellow gold! Hmmm, keep eyes on road, not on flowers, is not an easy lesson.


But, I wasn't driving when I took these photos.  This is the amazing buckeye tree.  It only grows about four months out of the year.  It gets leaves, which are the most incredibly brilliant green when they appear.  It grows for a short time then these spires begin to grow.  Soon they bloom in this amazingly showy way. 

100_2016 And...then the very first sign of any heat (we had several days of close to 100 at this elevation) the leaves turn yellow, then brown and cling to the tree which now appears dead.  Next spring the cycle will begin again!



I hope you can see this in the photo.  The hillside is just teeming with the spires of the buckeye.  I'll try to get a shot when the hillside is dotted with summer dormant buckeyes as summer progresses.

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