Sunday, May 04, 2008

Went to a branding

The fellow in the Black Hat is the owner of the ranch and all the live stock. The guy on the left is the one who branded all the calves.


This guy is one of the biggest cattlemen in this county.


I am glad I am not that bull. Or should I say ex BULL !


This is the head Cowboy on the ranch. His Name is Nano. The Branding lasted about 7 hours with two calves down at a time. There was about twenty Cowboys and Girls. They came from all over the state to help. I found that they all help each other out at Branding  Boy what a good BBQ they put on to feed all these people.


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cindykmaldo said...

I enjoy your post on branding cattle. My in-laws retired to a ranch in New Mexico awhile back and almost 15 years ago we all met for a branding one summer. I found it amazing, especially since I grew up in a large city and had no experience in this area.
Besides the roping and branding and castrating, my husband's grandfather (who could barely walk upright) hopped on a horse and took it up the side of a cliff to chase down a wayward calf. Getting on that horse took at least 30 years off his age. I was amazed.
Thank you for sharing your adventures.