Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Farewell Dear Duke.....This picture was taken in Arkansas just a few days after we found out he had cancer in September of 07. It reminded me of him looking down from up above with such a smile of love on his face. With help of two wonderful vets, Dr. Mary Klein in Tucson, AZ and Dr. John Grafton-Cardwell from Visalia, CA, he was in the best of care and his life was extended 5 and 1/2 months. We said good-bye to him on Sunday as he went to sleep in his favorite place, the bed in the truck with his truck duck and Steve and I and our son, Ray with him. It is terribly lonesome without him...and yet God sends us grace with grandchildren to love and Steve's mother who needs some extra help. So we are both occupied and stay quite busy. But it sure is empty not having that faithful eye upon us. We have had SO many of you share our sorrow and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. One sure thing, there will never be another Duke like this one! Now..go and love those dear to you for we are not guaranteed our next breath. It surely does come down to love. As so many of you who knew him would agree, Duke sure knew how to do just that!


TiogaRV said...

I love Duke, and always will!

Steve and Nancy, I hope that you will leave Duke's pic up on your blog forever. I like to see it when I check your blog.

Goodbye, Duke! You truly are a WonderDog!

Your friend,

Beck's Bulletin said...

Have been thinking of you so much these days....so neat that we are here in Texas enjoying Caily and you are there with Jaden and Reed. The girls are so close in age, doing the same things...crawling everywhere and making us smile! Love to you both!
Doris & Dave