Friday, February 01, 2008

Well, we made it up to Steve's mom's in we're really stuck here!
But...looking on the "sunny side"..we're safe, we're off the road and thank you, Lord, the rig is level while we wait for the ground to dry up and for a tractor to come and pull us out. That may be awhile since a foot of snow is expected with this next storm. I'll miss it (darn) as tomorrow I go hug grandkids!
This is Palm Canyon about 12 miles south of Quartzsite. I went with our friends Tom Earle from Alberta and Emily Martel from Maine. It was a nice 1/2 mile hike up to see the palms. They are tucked in between two rock cliffs and we arrived at the best time of the day to see them..when the sun is right overhead. These are the only native palm trees in Arizona.
Here you see our friend, Tom Earle, who with his old long farm legs had fairly leaped across the wash and up the canyon to get a closer look. Emily and I gladly stayed where we were in order to take a picture of him. Notice that at the same time I am taking a picture of him, he is taking a picture of us!
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Beams said...

I see what you mean about getting stuck! Hope you got out again ok. Give the grandkids a hug from me...been hugging mine today.

Beck's Bulletin said...

Wow...that looks like quite the hike! As for getting stuck, you done good! Yikes! Glad you finally made it out.