Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas on the desert! Here, the host of the BLM land has decorated a creosote bush to bring Christmas cheer.

Duke had a great Christmas as well after spending a month kissing grandbabies, we headed out to the desert. Duke has enjoyed being with everyone and basking in the warm desert sun and checking the ground for tidbits left behind. He was spoiled by you can see from Dale here talking reindeer to Duke as they both don their reindeer antlers. Duke continues to hold his own and we enjoy him each day he is with us.

After Christmas our friends Dave and Jan Douglass arrived and one of the Christian Fellowship RVers, Dodie and Jan and I all took a ride up Ajp Mountain Drive in the Organ Pipes National Monument and went for a hike up the Arch Mountain trail. Here you can see the arch, actually a double one with a teensy one over the larger one. the bottom of the larger arch spans 720 feet!

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