Sunday, August 19, 2007

When we arrived...there were no baby lobsters in the tank and 15 minutes later...thousands had hatched.
Each female lobster carries her eggs for two years under her tail. Here you see them all stuck to her! There were tens of thousands of them. In the wild, only one out of 1,000 would survive but there are thousands here that survive the first four weeks.
Here you see an official "lobster condo!" After the four weeks in the tanks in aeration, the lobsters get stronger than the force of the water and can manage to harm or eat each other. So, they put each individual one in a little "condo" until they can get them out to the ocean and released.
Now, what in the world is this picture you might ask? Good question! After the lobsters get transferred to the lobster condos...they are taken out to the ocean. To preven them from getting nibbled and consumed on their way to the ocean floor, a plastic hose is run from the boat down to the ocean floor. Then they are actually poured down the tube and arrive at the bottom of the ocean where they can quickly find hiding places under rocks, etc.
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